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Worth knowing about e-books and audiobooks




Worth knowing about copy-protection – DRM or watermark
The e-books are protected by either DRM or watermark.

A watermarked book means that the book contains a digital order number inside the book when you download it. This makes it possible to trace which order the books stems from in case it is redistributed. The right of use is personal and cannot be re-sold or transferred. If the products are redistributed, it might be against these rights. There are no inconveniences related to downloading an e-book containing a watermark.


DRM (Digital Rights Management) is a copy-protection put on e-books to avoid bootleg copies or filesharing. DRM-copy protected e-books can only be read using the program Adobe Digital Editions on PC/Mac and requires a personal Adobe ID. Please notice that DRM-copy protected titles cannot be read on devices such as a Kindle or on iBooks.

It is only possible to read a DRM-copy protected e-books on a device authorized with your personal Adobe ID. Adobe allows you to authorize five devices. Your personal e-books will only be available for reading on these devices.

Adobe Digital Editions are downloadable here:

You can create an Adobe ID on Adobe’s website:

NB! It is important that you make sure that you have a program that can read your e-book BEFORE downloading the book.

Recommended programs for reading DRM-copy protected books:

- iOS-units: Blue Fire Reader
- Android: Aldiko
- PC/Mac: Adobe Digital Editions


Printing DRM-copy protected e-books
As a rule, DRM-copy protected e-books can be printed 1,5 times.
DRM-copy protected e-books can be printed using Adobe Digital Editions.

Some users experience problems authorizing the device in Adobe Digital Editions even though they have created an Adobe ID. In these cases, it is possible to reset the authorization by doing the following:
Windows: Press Ctrl + Shift + D
Mac: Press Command + Shift + D
After this you should be able to authorize the device again.




How to read your e-book (e-books without copy protection)
You can read your e-book using a variety of platforms, e.g. desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and e-book readers.

You will need a program capable of opening the file on your device to read your e-book. The program depends on what platform you are using (tablet, PC, smartphone etc.) and what type of file and protection the e-book consists of.

Once you have installed the correct program, you can download and save the e-book using the link we have sent you. The link can be used for downloading 20 times, but it is always recommended that you save a copy of the downloaded e-book locally on your computer. Please notice that the link for DRM-copy protected books is only valid for 60 days.


Fixed and reflowable format
95% of the e-books sold on are made in reflowable format. This means that pictures and text relocate depending on the device’s size. This makes them readable on nearly every device.
The remaining 5% are fixed format. This means that text and pictures are locked in a specific position, which gives a better reading experience in terms of visual expression (e.g. picture books).


Recommended programs for fixed format e-books
Fixed format e-books cannot be read on every device. Typical e-readers, such as Sony Reader, does not support fixed format. We recommend the following programs when reading fixed format e-books:


- iOS: iBooks
- Android: Kobo Books
- PC/Mac: the browser Chrome with a Readium Chrome-expansion, iBooks or the latest edition of Adobe Digital Editions


Recommended programs for reflowable format e-books
- iOS: iBooks
- Android: Aldiko
- PC/Mac: Adobe Digital Edition or Calibre





How to listen to your audiobook

Audiobooks are delivered as zip-files containing watermarked mp3-files that can be played on iPhone, iPad, Android-based devices or programs such as Windows Media Player or Winamp on PC.

The zip-file can be unpacked using the inbuild unpacking program in Windows/Mac or using the program WinRar.


Audiobooks on iOS-devices:

Please notice that it requires certain apps to unpack zip-files directly on an iOS-device. We recommend using the app iZip for this purpose.

Alternatively, the following method can be used for listening to audiobooks on iPhone or iPad:

1) After downloading the zip-file, unpack it on the computer. You do this by right-clicking on the file and pressing “Unpack all” or “Extract all”. Then you can see all the mp3-files.

2) Transfer these mp3-files by moving or copying them.
iTunes will as a rule consider the mp3-files as music files, so in order to store the files as an audiobook follow these steps:

1) Click “Archive” and choose “New playlist”

2) Find the audiobook and pull it into the new playlist

3) Mark all files. Right click and choose “Show info”. If you are asked to edit multiple files at the same time, press yes and continue.

4) Press the tab “Choose”/”Options” (?). Choose “Audiobook” under “Media Types”. Press OK.

5) The mp3-files have been registered as an audiobook and can be found under the tab Audiobooks in iTunes.

6) Plug in your iPad/iPhone/iPod and start synchronizing.


Do you have any questions?
If you have problems with your e-book/audiobook or has any other questions, you are welcome to contact us using e-mail or via our contact form under the tab “Contact”.